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We are a car dealer who really doesn’t love the typical car buying experience. We have sold over 2500 vehicles to new and repeat clients since 2009. Offering a good car at a great price in South Carolina and the Southeast. No silly documentary fees to waste your hard earned money and the best sales experience you will ever have. Thank you sincerely for the opportunity to help you in your purchase experience.

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All of our inventory is priced for fast sale. No silly doc fees either to waste your time and money!

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We always offer a good car at a great price with absolutely NO documentary fees ever charged! Get financed today in Conway / Myrtle / Surfside / Garden City / Cherry Grove or anywhere on the Grand Strand. Not from the area? No problem, we have sold thousands of vehicles across the country offering great service and great deals across the US. We are a family owned business with over 40 years of combined experience in every aspect of used vehicle sales, from finding the right cars at auction, from private individuals, trade ins and using any and all tools necessary, we bring the best we can offer to you, and outprice the rest. Through analyzing what customers really want over the years and what they do at the “other” car dealerships, we have  crafted a streamlined experience to make your purchase experience more enjoyable and less stressful. We offer service contracts on all of our vehicles to give you piece of mind on your auto purchase and have an arsenal of partners  to help you during the purchase, the financing and even accessories and the small details after the purchase. Please come see us at our SC location today for the best used car purchase experience in the Southeast.